Is life beginning to get harder and harder for you to
?? handle? Has something huge and heavy been dropped
???in front of you...and, as much as you try, you just can't
?? get around it?
?? You'd love to have a choice, but you don't.
?????????????????????????????????????????????? You have to deal with it.

???At times, mounting troubles can make you feel frantic. ?
   You might?be distressed at how unsafe you feel, how
   worried you are,?or how much sleep you are losing.

???Other times, difficulties can make you feel really angry. You ???
   might be surprised at how loud or intense you get, or how
   often you fly off the handle. And you might even notice
   people around you sometimes get alarmed.

???Or there could be times when unresolved troubles can make
   you feel depressed. You might be weighed down by how
   hopeless you feel, how tired you are, or how empty life

???What we know is that it's almost always possible to find your ???
   way through hard times and get your life back.?What we do is ???
   help you handle the stresses of life in?ways that fit and work
   for?you. We create a space where:

           ~ your thoughts and feelings matter;
           ~ you can freely talk about what's happening;
           ~ deeper understanding can unfold; and
           ~ new possibilities can open up.