Parenting in today's world is not easy. So many different
?? things can cause problems with kids and create stress for
?? you. Sometimes you can feel confused, worried overwhelmed,
?? or completely alone.

???Some difficulties are shared by all parents. Certain
   stresses are entirely unique to you and your family. And
   other problems are common to certain family styles (click
   on the following family styles for more information.)

   Two-Parent Families
    In two-parent families, the stress can get so bad that it puts a
??? wedge between you. You might withdraw from each other, compete
??? with each other, or argue a lot. Wedges between parents create
??? more suffering for everyone in the family.

   Single-Parent Families
    When you are a single parent, there is no one to share the load
??? with. It's exhausting. When problems arise, you may stop doing
??? things to take care of yourself, and then your ability to cope gets
??? worse and worse. You may get to the point of hating the way you
??? treat your kids and yourself.

   Joint Custody
    In joint custody situations, it is often very difficult to provide
?? ?stability for the children. The differences between parenting
?? ?styles can create all sorts of turmoil. Kids often get caught in
??? the middle and their behavior can start showing how stressed-
??  out they are.

   Step- or Blended-Families
    In step or blended families, you have to deal with everyone's
?? ?reactions to major, and sometimes unexpected, changes in the
??? family. Kids and parents alike can feel helpless, mistreated, and
??? out of control. And it can be really hard to figure out what being
??? a step parent is all about.

   There are many other family styles that have their unique
   problems as well - such as adoptive families, foster families,
   grandparents raising grandchildren, military families, and

???Because parents are the leaders of the family, everything
   gets better when you can assume your role with wisdom,
   confidence and love.

???We know that you want the best for your children.
   Sometimes all you need is an objective third party who can
   understand your situation and help you be the loving
   effective parent that you want to be.