Teen-life can sometimes be overwhelming.

???School requirements, expectations from family and friends,
   and trying to find out who you are in the middle of it all
   can feel impossible.

???That's when a little extra help can make all the difference. ???
   Can you relate to any of these common struggles?

??????~ Are you feeling pressured about school? About
         friends? About the future?

??????~ Does it feel like you don't have any real friends?

??????~ Does being around your family irritate you so much
         that you find ways to avoid them or block them out?
         Is it impossible to relate to your parents...do they
         just not get you?

??????~ Do you sometimes get so caught up in the moment
         that later you regret what you've done or said?

??????~ Do you have to lie to keep people off your back?

??????~ Does it seem like nobody cares and nobody under-
         stands how you feel?

???Teen years can be like a rollercoaster ride, and sometimes
   that ride gets too wild. What we know is that with extra
   support you can survive the ride and even have fun...and
   then start laying down solid tracks for your future.