To protect our client's privacy, names and identifying details have been changed.
???Their stories are true.

Meet Joe
   Graduate degree.
      Great job.
         Big company.
            Good salary.
                Recession hits and company downsizes.?
                    Lay off.
                        Loses apartment.
                                 Living in car.
                                         Suicidal - "I don't know what stops me..."
                                             Desperate for help.
                                                  He calls us.?

   We see a life at stake.

   We also see
         high motivation
         history of success
         excellent prognosis.

   And we know we can help.

   So we do.

   We lowered the fee as much as we could.
         We got him in fast.
                 We guided him out of danger.
                          We empowered him to find his way.

   And now Joe is back on his feet.

Meet Maureen
   Maureen, a single mother of two, called us, worried about her son who was
   disruptive in school.?

   In the course of play therapy with him, it was discovered that his problems
   were related to problems at home.

   We talked further with Maureen and learned of:

??????~ History of domestic violence
      ~ Pending divorce
      ~ Children in the middle
      ~ Over-reliance on oldest child
      ~ One bedroom apartment
      ~ Underemployment and low self esteem

   We knew that assisting Maureen was key to stabilizing her son and, in fact,
   everyone in the family.

   We also understood that hers would be a long term case needing special
   financial consideration – which included multiple fee adjustments because
   every member of the family needed assistance.

   Over the course of three years, Maureen’s therapist supported her through
   the normal ups and downs of recovering from the trauma of domestic violence.

   The first year, Maureen was tempted to reunite with her abusive husband
   until she was able to recognize the repetitive cycle of domestic violence, and
   finally let go of that relationship.

   The second year, she continued to look outside herself and searched for a new
   partner to lean on, again giving more than receiving, again being devalued.?She
   came to understand that looking outside of herself was not working.

   The third year, after receiving two years of support and recognizing bit by bit
   her own inner resources, Maureen began to blossom.?She started to believe in
   herself.?She asked for a raise, knowing that if they refused she would seek
   other employment.?She was happily surprised that she was given the raise,
   and was considered a valuable employee.

   By the end of her third and final year of therapy, Maureen had been promoted
   to a management position, had moved to a larger apartment, and was leading
   her family with wisdom and confidence on her own.